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Skincare Safety During Pregnancy


(So sorry for not getting this up yesterday, as was intended. Oops.) Hi Amalah, Here’s my situation. I am about 4 weeks pregnant – yep, we were trying so I and my impatient self took a test the day BEFORE my period was supposed to start and it was negative. But I just had a […]


When The Worst Happens: Dealing with Pregnancy Loss


Hi Amy, I know that you have not experienced this particular pregnancy horror, but you give excellent advice and also maybe some of your readers out there have been through this. Up until last week I was pregnant with twins. 19 weeks pregnant! Supposedly past the point where the bad stuff can happen! And yet, […]


Stem cell & cord blood collection: is it worth it?


Ladies! Has your monthly time been a period of shame and hiding? Well! It turns out that menstrual blood is much more than womanly offscourings. Hide no longer, and rejoice in that precious Red Gold spilling forth from your parts. Let me explain, before you click your way out of here. Cryo-cell International has launched […]


Lead: the metal enemy.


When I first learned that this is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, I was determined to ignore it. Because lead terrifies me. And the primitive monkey part of my brain runs from scary things and then hides under a bush. We live in an ancient house with crumbling windowsills, and every time my son looks […]

Recall of Infant Cough and Cold Medicines

Recall of Infant Cough and Cold Medicines


Boy, oh boy, there has been a lot of confusion in the press about the safety of over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines for children. And, more news is expected as the FDA meets next week (Oct 18 & 19) to discuss this issue. Below is a timeline of news and events, which culminated today […]


How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?


Featured parenting professional: Diane Henderiks, RD of Dietician in the Kitchen

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