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When is it okay to lie to children?


“The Easter Bunny’s not real, right?” Henry asked me one night. We had just finished reading a bedtime story, and had moved on to the bedtime deep philosophical discussion. Without thinking, I replied, “Nah.” He didn’t say anything. Crap, I thought. Had I made a grave error? I didn’t think much was at stake, when […]

The Best of the Tooth Fairy

The Best of the Tooth Fairy


Martha%20Stewart%20Tooth%20Bears.jpgEver wonder where the Tooth Fairy comes from? What’s the going rate for a lost tooth? Find out and let us know what the fairy pays in your ‘hood.

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Kids and computers: is early exposure all that important?


The other day, my husband expressed his concern that Henry is, at the tender age of 5 and a few months, a computer semi-illiterate. Surprising as this may be for the child of two parents who are on the computer almost all the time, Henry has little to no interest in the computer. He rarely […]


Boys on this side,girls on the other: is single-sex public education a good idea?


The New York Times magazine this week covered the single-sex public education movement. Of course single-sex education is nothing new—just ask parochial and private school students. But as stories crop up of how our school system fails boys and girls, the idea of segregating students in public schools by sex is gaining credibility. In the […]


Academic Redshirting: should you hold your kid back?


I’ve been thinking about the practice of redshirting: postponing your child’s entrance into kindergarten to give him or her an academic or social edge. I’m not considering it for my son, mind you: we were spared that decision, because Henry just missed the cut-off date in New Jersey; we’re paying for another year of preschool […]

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