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Boys on this side,girls on the other: is single-sex public education a good idea?


The New York Times magazine this week covered the single-sex public education movement. Of course single-sex education is nothing new—just ask parochial and private school students. But as stories crop up of how our school system fails boys and girls, the idea of segregating students in public schools by sex is gaining credibility. In the […]


Academic Redshirting: should you hold your kid back?


I’ve been thinking about the practice of redshirting: postponing your child’s entrance into kindergarten to give him or her an academic or social edge. I’m not considering it for my son, mind you: we were spared that decision, because Henry just missed the cut-off date in New Jersey; we’re paying for another year of preschool […]


Here comes Santa Claus


As a child I was terrified of Santa. I had nightmares: a red-gloved hand clawing at my window, glass breaking downstairs while I hid under my bed. Who wouldn’t be scared of this creepy, omniscient stranger who was judging, ever judging? At the mall, he would demand that I sit on his lap and tell […]


My Pink Heaven


Ladies, I have the perfect gift for the young, unformed girl in your life: Hasbro’s Rose Petal Cottage. The Rose Petal Cottage is advertised as part of the “Dream Town collection,” although there’s no other part of this “town” for sale. There are no other homes, no post office or fire station—just a yawning abyss […]

Trend Alert: Caplets for Girls

Trend Alert: Caplets for Girls


So, I’ve been perusing the Back-to-School catalogs and am all giddy about this new trend: caplets or capes. True, I have a boy, but perhaps it’s a harbinger and I will see some on the women’s shelves this fall. The first is available at the Children’s Place for $19.50. The second lovely caplet is by […]

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