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A few less shin kicks: Kellogg’s to stop advertising to kids

A few less shin kicks: Kellogg’s to stop advertising to kids


So, did you hear the news? Kellogg Co. will be putting some big-time limitations on its advertising to kids under 12, which is where 27% of its current ad budget goes. Kellogg’s will only advertise products to these kids if the food meets a new nutritional criteria: no more than 200 calories per serving, no […]


The Internet finds another victim.


If you haven’t heard of Allison Stokke, you’re the exception: Google her name and you’ll receive almost one million results. There are fan sites, youtube videos, and countless blog posts, all dedicated to her. And she wishes there weren’t. Allison is a high school student who also happens to be a champion pole vaulter. Oh, […]


Ice cream, co-sleeping, and man-bashing


Good news! Science has finally discovered the hidden benefits of ice cream. Eating high fat dairy products, scientists say, can boost your fertility. The health link is to full-fat dairy in general, not specifically to ice cream, but apparently it’s the most attention-grabbing choice of the high-fat dairy options, because every media outlet’s going with […]


Best Tips for Curing Head Lice: The best reason to drink in front of your kids: Head Lice.


Right after the holiday break notes from both my kid’s classes were sent home explaining there had been a few cases of head lice in each class. According to my daughter 4 kids were sent home from her class and the kindergarten teacher reported 5 kids in my son’s class. The day after the notes […]


Hi! I’m Not Alice, But Maybe You’ll Like This Anyway


Due to the fact that this week Alice’s eyes are dried up like bloodshot little cranberries, I — and by that I mean me, who occasionally goes by the name “Mrs. Kennedy” — am going to do my best to fill in for her today in Wonderland. Please keep in mind that the only newspaper […]


On anger, discipline, and the New York Times.


First and foremost in the news this week: parents plus wealth times typical city congestion equals another New York Times slam-dunk! In one of the non-newsiest articles ever to belch forth from the New York Times, we find out that on the Upper East Side, chaffeurs (excuse me–hired drivers) are dropping off well-off nursery school […]

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