Big Kid

An Open Letter to My Teenage Sons

By Chris Jordan

The unspoken burden of having children is that you always put yourself into another mother’s shoes. Every hurt or negected child in the world suddenly has a face, your child’s face. It is particularly difficult when something happens in the news to children that are the same ages as your own. The pain you feel for the other mothers is tangible and raw.

I have also thought of Mike McQueardy’s mother and wonder how great her disappointment is in the son she raised.

Inclusive Special Education Benefits Everyone

By Chris Jordan

There is a little note tacked up on the front of my refrigerator. A couple of typed lines on a torn piece of paper. I will frequently do this when I find a quote that resonates with me, or one I hope will speak to my children. I figure that my teenagers are in the refrigerator enough times a day there might as well be something there that inspires thought other than what they want to stuff into their stomachs.

Currently on the refrigerator hangs this quote:

There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life – reciprocity. ~Confucius