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Discovering the joy of music videos all over again


I might have to make the argument that the best thing to come out of the Internet, other than perhaps all the free goat porn, is the ability to watch loads of music videos again. Remember when MTV used to play music videos? Me neither, but it doesn’t matter now that there are an endless […]


The 79th Annual Academy Awards


The 79th Annual Academy Awards aired Sunday night, and as usual it was longer than a typical Mormon church meeting. How long is a typical Mormon church meeting, you ask? Well, depending on whether or not your mother is the choir director, and your father is the person who is responsible for unlocking the building, […]


The 2007 Golden Globes


The 2007 Golden Globes was one of the least annoying award shows I have ever sat through from beginning to end, but then, they already had a head start. The Globes have a fighting chance at being fun because they never include a cloying musical number performed by an aging artist — usually Sting when […]


As festive as I’ll ever be


During the holiday season at my childhood home, my parents played Christmas music from the end of November through the new year, always the same albums in the same order on the record player that sat inside a ten-foot long black lacquer console underneath an orange shag carpet hung on the wall. Our tree was […]

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There is hope for television yet


Every Fall when the new television season is rolled out, I invariably become emotionally involved in those series which are yanked by their networks after only a few episodes. I have an uncanny ability to pick the losers, probably due to the fact that I am drawn to bad television like a roving wolf to […]

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Add to the list of things that make this mortal body worth the pain


A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a live show for the first time in several months, that of singer/songwriter Andrew Bird whose performance nearly knocked us out of our shoes, our shoes that were bought on sale because we spent the rest of our money on a babysitter. And drinks at the […]

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