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News flash: women like money, don’t hate their bodies enough


Women’s Day magazine and AOL Body (is that a thing, AOL Body? A place people go?) conducted a poll, you guys! A poll! It was on the Inarnet, I think it’s called, and women were asked, would they rather have Jennifer Aniston’s body or a million dollars? You. Are not. Going to believe. What most. […]


Abortions down, babies up


The birth rate has soared while the abortion rate has taken a sharp downward turn. That sounds like good news. Is it? First, the abortion rate. Both the pro-life and pro-choice advocates are pleased that the number of U.S. abortions have reached their lowest rate since 1974. Both, not surprisingly, have their own explanations for […]


The tracks of Hillary’s tears


I have to confess that whenever I consider writing about the presidential campaign, I get nervous. I’m worried that my ignorance will show itself, that I’ll get some detail terribly wrong and my readers will sniff, “Excuse me, Ms. Bradley, but if you read a newspaper or knew how to turn on a television you’d […]


Start 2008 off right


Happy new year! And oh, Wonderland readers, I mean that literally. I demand that you have a happy new year. But how? Here are a few news tidbits that will, I hope, help you find your answers. Have a happy marriage It turns out that even if your work is crap, a happy marriage will […]


The year in Wonderland!


Ah, 2007. Remember that year? With the thing, and the guy? Over there? It seems like yesterday, I tell you. In honor of the past year, and also that my brain is still so addlepated from the holiday festivities that I can barely tie my shoes, much less read a paper, I give you a […]


Here comes Santa Claus


As a child I was terrified of Santa. I had nightmares: a red-gloved hand clawing at my window, glass breaking downstairs while I hid under my bed. Who wouldn’t be scared of this creepy, omniscient stranger who was judging, ever judging? At the mall, he would demand that I sit on his lap and tell […]

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