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On irony, or lack thereof.


When I wrote this piece about breastfeeding, I thought I was laying on the irony a bit overly thick. I thought I was troweling it on to the point where my readers would be rolling their eyes and begging me to exercise some subtlety, in the name of Not Insulting Eveyone’s Intelligence. I mean, I […]


Sleep deprivation and baby ATMs.


Sleep has again made the headlines, as a new study finds that women don’t get enough, but want more. (Men, apparently, are sleeping all the time. Those well-rested jerks.) The culprits are the usual: children, poor sleep habits, stress, and spouses demanding another night of hot, relentless marital privilege. (That’s what we call it at […]


Ice cream, co-sleeping, and man-bashing


Good news! Science has finally discovered the hidden benefits of ice cream. Eating high fat dairy products, scientists say, can boost your fertility. The health link is to full-fat dairy in general, not specifically to ice cream, but apparently it’s the most attention-grabbing choice of the high-fat dairy options, because every media outlet’s going with […]


Bad kids, bad food, hairy babies, and poor, poor Elmo.


You’ve already eliminated spinach from your diet, as well as peanut butter. You can’t even read Peter Pan to your child without gagging. And now there are even more food recalls. It appears, my Internet friends, that there is absolutely no safe foodstuff left in this world. Start panicking…now. That Earth’s Best baby cereal in […]


At least we beat the British.


This week, UNICEF released a report on child welfare (a PDF of the report is here). First, the good news: the children of the United States are doing well—compared to third-world countries! Now for the actual news: in the rankings of 21 industrialized countries, we’re, hmm, second to last. Ouch. Here’s the list, from best […]


Enjoy some culture, take some action


Parents of colic-riddled babies, take heart: the pros are on their way. Probiotics, that is! (I can’t believe I just wrote that.) (And yet I’m leaving it there. For you to witness the horror.) A new study suggests that the probiotic lactobacillus reuteri, a similar type to the active culture found in some yogurts, may […]

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