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Down with PPD? MD? PPPD?


Welcome, Wonderers. Alice will be back next week, sparkling words all over this column like yummy little Veuve Cliquot bubbles. This week, Fellow Wonderer Jenn of Breed ‘Em and Weep is reporting once more from Weepland, where she has been pondering the ongoing saga of the forlorn-yet-defiant, mascara-streaked creature that is Britney Spears. If you […]


Welcome aboard HMS Princess Euphoria


For the next two weeks, Wonderland by Alice Bradley will hereby be known as Blunderland by Jenn Mattern. I’m not a pundit, but I borrowed a winged maxi pad from Alice once, which led to this temporary gig while Alice is on brief hiatus. Most of the time I can be found weeping copious word […]


It’s time for a ceasefire.


So perhaps you heard that Isabel and I were on Good Morning America the other day, talking about Alpha Mom. Or rather, the “Alpha Mom,” whomever that is. According to GMA, she’s a hard-driving, take-no-prisoners mama barracuda. She’ll eat you alive! Run, regular low-key moms! Reading the blogging community’s reaction to the segment, which ranged […]


On various subjects that don’t readily suggest a title.


First of all, I am proud of you all, my faithful Wonderland readers, for keeping last week’s comments on-topic, smart, and (relatively) light on the personal attacks. I didn’t have to delete a single comment, not one, and so far no one’s issued a fatwa against me! I’m the luckiest blogger there is. When I […]


Let’s talk about abortion for a bit.


Well, I see I picked the wrong topic to focus on last week, didn’t I? I was all, End the Mommy Wars, Yo! Women Unite! Then, just before posting, I found that ultrasound bill article, and I added it—didn’t bother to read it, mind you, because as we know I’m not big on the reading—and […]


Ending the Mommy Wars, once and for all


Over at Finslippy a few months back, I wrote about Melissa Summers’ Today Show interview. Remember that interview? The one about Moms Who Drink One Drink Around Their Children, and Why That Makes Them Drunken Sluts? The one that we all thought might be an intelligent, thoughtful discussion instead of an alarmist, condescending puff piece? […]

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