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Ovarian cancer: a little less silent than before.


Our site has been experiencing difficulties accepting comments. Thank you for your patience. We have fixed the problem. If you are still having difficulties, please clear your cache and erase any TypeKey cookies. We apologize for the inconvenience. Hey, here are some frightening facts to kick off your weekend! Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading […]


The Internet finds another victim.


If you haven’t heard of Allison Stokke, you’re the exception: Google her name and you’ll receive almost one million results. There are fan sites, youtube videos, and countless blog posts, all dedicated to her. And she wishes there weren’t. Allison is a high school student who also happens to be a champion pole vaulter. Oh, […]


Companies do the right thing, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg fights back.


Trolling for some good news this week—an exercise in futility if there ever was one—I came upon the news of a new Benetton ad campaign. Colors of Domestic Violence features models made up to appear bruised and lacerated (while still being thin and fashionable).) Boy, that didn’t help turn my frown upside down. Was Benetton […]


That’s me! In the corner!


The book Parenting Beyond Belief was featured this week on MotherTalk, and bloggers were invited to write about religion. The good people of AlphaMom suggested that I tackle the subject, so here I am, attempting to do so. Religion has fallen out of favor lately. High-profile intellectuals argue that religion is not only an emotional […]


A very special Mother’s Day Wonderland


This week in ground-breaking news: television is destroying our youth! It’s probably responsible for the rock-and-rolling and hip-hoppery the kids of today are enjoying. Seriously, now. Stop your joking. A new study out of the University of Washington has concluded that most children under two watch television. In addition, 40 percent of children under three […]


I am returned!


Howdy ho, Wonderland readers! How I’ve missed you, these past two weeks. While Jenn was bravely churning out excellent commentary, I was busy writing something that has absolutely no relation to actual events at all. It’s the anti-Wonderland, if you will. And that’s all I’m saying about THAT. Isn’t Jenn something? Let’s give her a […]

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